Our Mission: Believe This Stuff!

By on Nov 22, 2011 |

Women Online is a for-profit firm that produces fantastic results for our clients. We create digital marketing campaigns that move women to take an action. A wonderful benefit of our campaigns is the amount of media impressions they tend to produce. I’m not exaggerating when I say that for many clients, our campaigns produce 10x the ROI as the ad campaigns we work alongside.

Still, there are many digital marketing firms in the world and you are free to work with any you choose. The reason Women Online is truly a special thing is the philosophy behind it. This was a company created by accident that has emerged to have a very strong mission.


We aim to be a high impact boutique firm. You can’t get what we deliver anywhere else.
We deliver the absolute best client service and smart thinking.
We sit at the grownups table. We work with clients who value us.
We work with clients whose values we share.
All WO team members get to have a life and build a sustainable business.
We focus on what we can achieve and do well, and don’t get upset about what we should be doing or what others are doing.
We define success for us.

I recently gave a speech about women’s power to change the world through digital media, and someone said to me after, “Wow, you really sound like you believe this stuff.”

And I do. I really do. I’ve seen it firsthand now since 1999, when I worked at iVillage.com and every single day I saw how women could connect on message boards and help each other through some of life’s biggest challenges. I’ve seen it countless times when women have joined voices together to get a bad product off the shelves, or to put pressure on a misguided company. I’ve seen women online recognize great brands and bring them to new heights.

I saw it at BlogHer.com. I was privileged to meet CEO Lisa Stone in 2005. I complained about being a woman in all-male political circles and how I felt like I was never heard. She said, well you’ll blog about politics for this site I just started called BlogHer. And people heard me, and the women whose concerns I represented. We took those concerns to the White House, more than once.

I saw it in Egypt and with the ONE Moms and in my own life, with PostPartum Progress, a site that has literally saved women’s lives and for which I’m honored to serve as a Board member.

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