What Can Marketers Do About Climate Change?

By on Dec 18, 2012 |

Below is a part of a blog post from Morra that originally appeared in the Harvard Business Review. You can read the piece in its entirety here.

Do marketers have a commitment to act in the face of climate change? After all, we’ve worked hard to sell a lot of the stuff that’s polluted our world. What’s our role now to help change things? I’m no sustainability expert, but I know it’s got to be about more than selling “green” products.

An increasing number of Americans understand that climate change is real, and they want action. According to research from Yale and George Mason University, 74% of Americans agree ”global warming is affecting weather in the United States.” At this level of acceptance, climate change is no longer “debatable.” There has been a huge jump in the number of Americans who not only believe climate change is real, but in the number who believe that humans are its cause: “More than half of Americans (54%) believe global warming is caused mostly by human activities, an increase of 8 points since March 2012.” And currently, more than half of Americans believe that “corporations, industry, and citizens themselves should do more to address the issue.”